Who we are

What to Expect When You Visit

If you are coming to Open Heart for the first time you might have some questions:  

  • "What is the Sunday service like?"
  • "Is there time for social connection?"
  • "What should I wear?"
  • "Are families with children welcome?"

Our Sunday Celebration services are just that - a time of celebration! We celebrate the blessings of our oneness with God and each other. We celebrate life. Our program includes inspirational music, a healing meditation, and a lesson/sermon. We begin at 10 AM. 

Attire ranges from jeans and t-shirts to dresses and sports coats. In other words, wear what "suits" you. You'll fit in no matter what it is. And yes, you'll have time to connect with others in attendance during the "Moment of Fellowship" and at the conclusion of our celebration when we share our hospitality through snacks, drinks and conversation.

We have a diverse group of people who attend and many guests have told us that we're one of the friendliest and most loving places they've experienced.

While we don't yet have a separate program for children, we are okay with them being active during the celebration. Their sounds are music to our ears.

Our center is a "Transformation Station" - a place that provides the spiritual resources to develop and grow in such a way that we come to know the truth of who we are: God expressing as us.  

Our Spiritual Leader

Our Minister and Spiritual Director, John Gilmore, is committed to living life to its fullest and assisting others to do the same. His vision for organizing Open Heart includes being a place of transformation, healing and inclusiveness.

Our History

Open Heart began in January of 2002. After several weeks of visioning, a diverse group of individuals came together and Open Heart Community of Faith was established. The idea was to form a gathering of people who were looking for a different way to connect with their own inner divinity. The original description developed was "Open Heart is a liberal, transdenominational congregation that focuses on mystical spirituality- a direct experience of ultimate reality and an outward sense of mission to others."

As time progressed, we began to embrace the ideas of New Thought, particularly the Science of Mind. The center actually existed as a Teaching Chapter of the United Church of Religious Science. As we continued to expand and deepen our knowledge, we became an independent New Thought/Ancient Wisdom congregation- a place where we continue to explore spiritual teachings in many traditions.

We greet you. We bless you. We see God in you.