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Sundays at 10 AM

A Word About Our Sunday Celebrations

Our Sunday morning Celebrations are virtual. We invite you to  be a part of the OHSC experience via our Heartstream each Sunday at 10 AM Central time. You can connect here on our website or visit our YouTube Channel or Facebook page to reach our stream.  Peace and abundant blessings - John Gilmore, Pastor/Spiritual Director

Our Monthly Affirmation for July

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 "What comes from The Heart" reaches the heart".We call our weekly virtual celebrations the Heartstream. It's filled with music, joy, and a message of inspiration that's relevant for you. Join us each Sunday at 10 AM Central. You can click on the video here or reach us on YouTube or Facebook.


Voices from the Heart


Open Heart Spiritual Center is rooted in the New Thought/Ancient Wisdom Tradition. We teach a spiritual philosophy that captures threads of truth that span across the religions of the world. We embrace all people, regardless of race/ethnicity, background, sexual orientation or belief. 

Our core truths are:

  • There is a loving, creative energy that is present in all things. This presence transcends the names religious traditions ascribe to It.
  • It expresses as you in unique, individualized ways.
  • Your thoughts create your experiences.

About Us

Our center is a "Transformation Station" - a place that provides the spiritual resources to develop and grow in such a way that we come to know the truth of who we are: God expressing as us.  


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Experience Us

Watch our videos from our Sunday Celebrations and find out about our Daily Prayer Call that happens 365 days a years.